Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Many people have suggested that I start a blog. Some have said it's because I have some funny one-liners and funny stories (no pressure, though!). Some have said it's because my life is crazy (very true). Some have said it's because I write well and have a strong voice (strong opinions, yes). One honest friend asked why I would want to add to my already very full plate (because a lot of funny stuff happens). And others have asked what I would write about (the crazy, full, wonderful life of parenting two intense kiddos).

So here I sit nursing my 2.5 year old daughter, let's call her Happiness, while trying to type as she grabs my hands, kicks the computer keyboard and uses my breast as a kazoo hgklkjgkhgdgfxbn;nlikoiuyd (that was her). Is that a funny start off story? Is it crazy? Whatever your answers are, it's a true story happening right now.

My family is also beginning our homeschooling journey this year. Happiness is the younger sister of our 6.5 year old son, let's call him Light. He was in kindergarten for much of last year and for reasons you will learn all about, it was not the right fit for our family. This blog will also be about our adventures in homeschooling/life learning.

So, the purpose, I guess, of this blog is to tell stories, true stories, of the crazy, wonderful, overwhelming life we live here in Southern California. My hope is that the stories I tell will make you laugh. But, I also hope they will give parents permission to relax, have fun, and enjoy their children. I hope to share an honest look at parenting from the heart, leading with love, laughing out loud, and learning through living together, as a family.


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  1. We need to write because no one will believe us otherwise! Haha! Looking forward to more :)