Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Little Scientist

The last few posts have focused primarily on Light, so I thought I’d provide a little insight into my little girl, Happiness. Happiness is 2 years, 8 months old, going on 15. She is very busy, very curious, very persistent, very lovely, very everything. Sometimes she frustrates me to no end. For example, the other night she drew on her entire body with a green marker. The next night, she was painting happily and decided her newest canvas would be her stomach, belly button and INSIDE her ears.

One day I was skyping with my mom and venting sharing some frustrations observations about Happiness’s latest antics experiments when it dawned on me that she is a scientist to the core: a researcher, explorer and experimenter.

Here are some of the questions she asks herself on a daily basis:
1.     What will this color look like on the wall? How about the floor? How about my ear?
2.     What sound will these crackers make if I drop the whole bag on the kitchen floor, how about the living room floor,  how about the floor of the car? Will the sound be the same? Will the crumbs fall the same way each time? Then what happens if I step on them?
3.     Will the kitchen sink clog EVERYTIME I put toilet paper in it? What about the bathroom sink?
4.     Will Mommy’s glasses really get to the ocean if I flush them down the toilet?
5.     Will my hair fall out each time I use the scissors on it?
6.     If I spit water out my mouth, is it the same as spitting juice out of my mouth? How about food?
7.     Do my fingers and a pencil make the same kind hole in an avocado?
8.     Is it easier to get ink or crayon off of piano keys?
9.     Does a penny come out between the piano keys easily as a puzzle piece?
10. Does water spray out of the faucet in the tub when I use my hands to cover the spout? How about if I use a toy? My foot? My brother’s head?
11. If I pee here on the carpet, will it make the same shape as if I pee here on the hard wood floor?
12. Does my brother get the same kind of mad when I cut his new quiz cards in half as he does if I rip his new book?
13. Does a Zingo piece melt in the toaster? How about a Candyland Guy? A Go Fish Card?
14. Do I really make people smile a hundred times every day?
15. Does my mommy cry tears of happiness every single time I hug her and tell her I love her? How about my daddy?
16. Do I always have this effect on people? Yes, my sweet, curious, independent girl, you do. That, I know for sure.


  1. I'm having palpitations just thinking about your day... Hahahaha!

    1. Yep, me too! Wait until you meet her! She will steal your palpating heart ;)

  2. This is an awesome post - it caught my eye because too many people think science and in fact curiosity are things that only are supposed to be studied in school - how wrong! Bravo for recognizing that learning and curiosity is an all-the-time thing! I write about it often in fact in my blog as well:

  3. Thanks for reading! I will definitely check out your blog asap! This perspective really helps me keep my frustrations in check. If I can try to get inside her little mind and realize that she is actually curious and exploring, not TRYING to make a huge mess, it helps me stay calm and even engage in it with her sometimes, or talk to her about what she's doing and what the result is. I hope you keep coming back to visit!